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Who We Are

We, Mike and Connie Hale, are the owners of Windy Meadows Family Farm, located about an hour northeast of Dallas, Texas. We raise rotationally-grazed pastured chicken without the use of hunger stimulants and growth hormones on our 50-plus acres with the able help of our eight children. 

The chickens raised on our farm are hatched on site, ensuring a stress-free start. They are not only cage-free and free-range, but pastured, meaning that the chickens live out their days in fresh air and sunlight. They receive organic feed free-choice to supplement the nutrition they receive from their natural diet,  which includes insects and our pasture grasses, which have been pesticide and herbicide free for nearly thirty years. We also strive to be examples of responsible and sustainable farming, especially with the addition of our large-scale composter, to facilitate returning the nutrients generated from our state-inspected poultry processing facility back to the soil. 
Our pastured chicken and…