NEW!! Price List for Chicken Shipped to your door

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Whole Chicken $5.49/lb

Whole, Cut-up Chicken $5.99/lb

Boneless Skinless Breast  $11.99/lb

Chicken Tenders $13.99/lb

Bone-in Breast $9.99/lb

Boneless Thighs $8.99/lb

Leg Quarters $6.99/lb

Thighs $6.49/lb

Drumsticks  $6.49/lb

Buffalo Style Wings  $5.99/lb

Chicken Bone Broth $8.99/32oz.

Beef Bone Broth $8.99/32oz.

Country Chicken Sausage  $7.99/lb

Italian Chicken Sausage $7.99/lb

Ground Chicken  $7.99/lb

Carcasses $7.99/bag


Livers  $5.99/lb

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