How We Farm

We have four stages of care for our chickens.

Incubator: Eggs are carefully watched for three weeks in an incubator carefully watching the temperature and humidity.

Brooder: Soon after hatching they are plucked out of the trays and taken to the "brooder." The brooder is equipped with heat and light where the chicks will spend their first few weeks until they can handle cooler temperatures. Special feed is allowed free choice to the young birds that does not contain added antibiotics or growth hormones. This feed is mixed and ground locally to our exacting specification.

Yurts on pasture: When the chicks have adequately feathered out at two to three weeks of age, they are moved out to our chemical-free pastures. Igloo-shaped “yurts” are used for protection from predators and the extremes of Texas weather. These movable bottomless pens allow our truly pastured chickens to spend almost their entire life spans on grassy turf.. The shelters are moved every day to give the birds fresh forage.

Processing facility: After about eight weeks of “the good life” the chickens are harvested in a humane manner to USDA standards in our own state-inspected poultry slaughter and processing facility located right here on the farm.

 More Information: There is a wealth of information on the many-fold benefits of pastured meats and dairy products. A must-see web site dedicated to the dissemination of research on pastured farming’s effect on health, the environment, the farmer and animal welfare is



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